Digital Literacy

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Project Details

  • Date

     13 March 2016

  • Coordinator

     Yusuf Mansur Özer

  • Mission

     To develop a curriculum for digital literacy education and raise awareness on the issue

  • Website

     Visit Online

Under the Statjus idea and as a collaborative project, we are developing a curriculum for digital literacy education, through which we plan to raise public awareness on the issue. The main purpose of this project is to define the notion of digital literacy and create a framework training document which will elaborate on the contents of it.

The first version of the definition of digital literacy under the project has been the following:

The ability to use information and communication technologies in an effective, ethical and safe way to access and create information, and to socially interact over the internet.

We have determined the following six main chapters for the framework training document:

  1. Privacy and Data Security
  2. Internet Safety
  3. Self-image and Identity
  4. Copyright and Creativeness
  5. Communication and Social Interaction
  6. Access to Information